Backup and recover your Cryptnox Wallet Smart card seed on AWS: PART 2

Well done, you have finalized your AWS setup, now its the easy part !

You need first to install the application on your Iphone (only IOS as of the date of this article, Android application available soon).

Search for “Cryptnox Wallet” on the Apple App Store:

And install !

Then for optimal NFC communication, position the card as per the first position below to the left. Then press “scan” and press “initialize card” as per the steps below.

When you get to the last page to the right, press “Use AWS backup”. This will bring you to the first page on the left below:

Perform the following steps:

  1. Press “Use a Credential File”, and select the file generated in PART 1

And that’s it ! you are good to go !

Note the AWS backup info details:

You will need those details to perform AWS recovery. Note that KMS region as well as Secret Manager Region must correspond. They can be updated in settings from the app



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Cryptnox Cards

Cryptnox is a swiss based company developing smart cards (hardware wallet) for blockchain