Blockchain Electricity Power Meter with a Cryptnox Card

Use a Cryptnox Hardware Wallet smartcard for IOT projects related to blockchain

  1. Measure electricity production on a connected wire in kWh over a period of time T
  2. At the end of each period of time T, the device will perform the following actions:
    a) internally reads the total amount of kWh,
    b) generate a corresponding “mint” transaction for equivalent tokens of a specific smart contract,
    c) perform a digital signature with the Cryptnox Card,
    d) broadcast the signed transaction to the chain endpoint,
    e) reset the internal kWh reading to zero
  1. Go to ``, create a new workspace
  2. Under contracts, rename file as desired, paste code from solidity file from repository into renamed file on remix:
  3. Compile and Deploy
  4. In Deployed Contract, find the addMinter function, paste the public address of the Cryptnox Hardware Wallet card and press “Transact”



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Cryptnox Cards

Cryptnox is a swiss based company developing smart cards (hardware wallet) for blockchain