Startup Guide for Cryptnox Hardware Wallet SmartCard

Initialization with 12/24 Words mnemonics

  1. Enter the PIN of your choice in line 3 (4–9 digits).
  2. Enter the PUK of your choice in line 4 (12 alphanumerical).
  • Input your seed or generate a random one. Beware! Make sure to make a backup of your seed if its a new one ! Note: Cryptnox Wallet seed is compatible BIP 39. It is then compatible with most other software wallet (such as Metamask) or hardware wallet (such as Ledger or Trezor).
  • The card creation report as PDF file. You can save it to your Icloud drive by pressing the print button (upper right) -> print -> Save to Files -> Icloud Drive. The report looks like that:



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Cryptnox Cards

Cryptnox is a swiss based company developing smart cards (hardware wallet) for blockchain