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Cryptnox Cards
3 min readSep 17, 2022


Initialization with 12/24 Words mnemonics

Crytpnox is a swiss company developing and producing hardware wallets (cold storage) in smart card format.
In this article, we will explain how to initialize and perform basic operations of a Cryptnox card, by injecting a 12/24 words mnemonics (same as ledger or Metamask).
You can purchase a Cryptnox Hardware Wallet SmartCard on
Amazon or on the Cryptnox Shop.

You need first to install the application on your Iphone (only IOS as of the date of this article, Android application available soon).

Search for “Cryptnox Wallet” on the Apple App Store:

And install !

Then for optimal NFC communication, position the card as per the first position below to the left. Then press “scan” and press “initialize card” as per the steps below.

Now you will be presented with the following screens:

First screen:

  1. Enter the PIN of your choice in line 3 (4–9 digits).
  2. Enter the PUK of your choice in line 4 (12 alphanumerical).

Note: only use EASY MODE for quick testing. Not for use with valuable digital assets.

Lines 1 and 2 are optional.

Second screen:

  • Input your seed or generate a random one. Beware! Make sure to make a backup of your seed if its a new one ! Note: Cryptnox Wallet seed is compatible BIP 39. It is then compatible with most other software wallet (such as Metamask) or hardware wallet (such as Ledger or Trezor).

Third screen:

  • The card creation report as PDF file. You can save it to your Icloud drive by pressing the print button (upper right) -> print -> Save to Files -> Icloud Drive. The report looks like that:

Note: this document does NOT contain any private key or seed. Your seed is located inside the cards and it is impossible to extract it.

Fourth screen: the balance of your account in BTC and ETH according to your seed.

Now you can transfer ETH directly by pressing on the Ethereum balance and scanning a recipient address (Scan to Send).

For Web3 compatible websites, choose WalletConnect on the site you have chosen, and a QR code as per below should appear:

Just scan to link to your phone with the choice WalletConnect, and press your Cryptnox Hardware Wallet Card at the back for your phone when asked to.

You are good to go.



Cryptnox Cards

Cryptnox is a swiss based company developing smart cards (hardware wallet) for blockchain